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Vishal Agarwal
Partner, Singapore
Leads our work on operations in Southeast Asia with a focus on transformation, digital operations, and Industry 4.0; known for...
Jorge Amar
Partner, Stamford
Works with telecommunications companies to drive the changes needed to improve overall customer experience while also controlling...
Sal Arora
Senior Partner, Atlanta
Brings deep expertise in service operations and supply chain for logistics clients, as well as broad client-service experience...
Navtez Singh Bal
Senior Partner, Gurugram
Leads McKinsey's RTS and Operations Practices in India, specializing in turnaround and transformation programs for leading companies...
Filipe Barbosa
Senior Partner, Houston
Co-leads the global Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice and helps lead our work in energy and basic materials
Cornelius Baur
Senior Partner, Munich
Brings extensive expertise in operations to help automotive, high tech, and aerospace companies enhance value
Audrey Bernardo
Partner, Silicon Valley
Delivers impact through large-scale operations transformations in the advanced-industries and consumer-goods sectors
Frankki Bevins
Partner, Denver
Advises hospitals, governments, and other organizations across the US healthcare landscape as they seek stronger institutional...
Vikas Bhadoria
Senior Partner, Gurugram
Leads the Pharmaceutical and Medical Products (PMP) Practice for India and the PMP Operations Practice in Asia. Has deep expertise...
Darya Borisova
Senior Partner, Moscow
Leads our work in oil and gas and chemicals in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Russia, as well as our work in...
Thierry Chesnais
Partner, Hong Kong
Helps technology and industrial companies in Greater China to grow and transform through digital and analytics
Seunghyuk Choi
Partner, Seoul
Advises automotive- and assembly-sector companies as they pursue strategic business transformation, with a focus on mobility,...
Jennifer Davies
Partner, Sydney
Brings experience in leading major business performance transformations that deliver bottom-line impact across various industries
Rajat Dhawan
Senior Partner, Asia Leader, Gurugram
Helps advanced industries clients in the automotive, electronics, aerospace, and defence sectors in the Asia-Pacific region tackle...
Enno de Boer
Partner, New Jersey
Leads the firm’s global work in digital manufacturing and collaboration with the World Economic Forum on technology adoption
David Dorton
Senior Partner, Atlanta
Driving transformations across service based industries and leading global operations transformation work
Sumit Dutta
Partner, Chicago
Brings deep experience in leading comprehensive operational turnarounds and supply chain transformations. Co-leads McKinsey’s...
Alexander Edlich
Senior Partner, New York
A financial services and private equity leader
Kweilin Ellingrud
Senior Partner, Minneapolis
With 15 years of experience at McKinsey, serves clients on strategy and operational transformations
Karel Eloot
Senior Partner, Shanghai
Focuses on industrial Internet of Things and digital transformation in the industrial sectors, particularly for companies in China
Travis Fagan
Senior Partner, Dallas
Works with clients on operations performance transformation, strategy, business building, and organization issues
Roberto Fantoni
Senior Partner, São Paulo
Leads the Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice in Latin America, serving some of the largest industry leaders and a few...
Arlindo Eira Filho
Partner, São Paulo
Works with major organizations in the energy, metals and mining, and infrastructure sectors, ranging from airports to railways...
Christophe François
Senior Partner, Paris
Brings expertise in operational excellence including supply chain management, lean transformation, and investment optimization...
Søren Fritzen
Senior Partner, Copenhagen
Helps global consumer clients achieve strategic and operational excellence
Tomohiko Funaishi
Partner, Tokyo
Supports retail, consumer-packaged-goods, and retail-banking industries across strategy, operations, marketing, and organization...
Tony Gambell
Partner, Chicago
Brings deep expertise in manufacturing performance—including strategy, operations, and lean transformation—and leads our manufacturing...
Katy George
Senior Partner, New Jersey
Leads the Operations Practice in North America, is a co-convener of the practice globally, and is a member of McKinsey’s the Shareholders...
Emma Gibbs
Partner, London
Advises public- and private-sector clients on strategy, with focus on the interface of the two sectors
Christoph Glatzel
Senior Partner, Cologne
Works globally with business-to-consumer clients, including consumer-goods and retail companies, on transforming performance by...
Volker Grüntges
Senior Partner, Munich
Advises automotive OEMs and suppliers on strategic and operational issues in marketing, sales, and product management and helps...
Amit V Gupta
Partner, Gurugram
Leads McKinsey’s product-development and procurement work in India, specializing in turnaround and transformation programs for...
Shivanshu Gupta
Senior Partner, Bangalore
Leads McKinsey’s Advanced Industries in India, and is a leader in our global Operations and Advanced Industries Practices
Mikael Hanicke
Partner, Gothenburg
Advises clients on transformational change across functions, operations strategy and implementation, digital, and advanced analytics...
Maia Hansen
Senior Partner, Cleveland
Advises consumer-packaged-goods and healthcare companies and brings extensive expertise in supply-chain optimization, performance...
Jan P Hartmann
Partner, Tokyo
Leads McKinsey’s work on manufacturing and supply chain in Southeast Asia, working with industrial and consumer companies to optimize...
Kyle Hawke
Partner, Washington DC
Helps clients drive sustainable productivity improvements and align resources with strategy through the implementation of zero-based...
Anna Herlt
Partner, Munich
Advises companies as they seek to optimize the value of their research and development investments, particularly within the automotive...
Xin Huang
Partner, Hong Kong
Focuses on designing and implementing end-to-end supply-chain transformations across industries, and leads McKinsey’s supply-chain...
Naoyuki Iwatani
Senior Partner, Tokyo
Helps consumer goods and services companies, and retailers with their operations transformation, strategy development, merger...
David Jacquemont
Partner, Paris
Leads the firm’s Service Operations Practice in Europe
Matt Jochim
Partner, London
Serves consumer-packaged-goods and retail clients on issues, such as the optimization of selling, general, and administrative...
Jae Hoon Jung
Partner, Seoul
Helps leaders in construction, heavy industries, and the oil and gas sector transform their operations and develop corporate strategy...
Axel Karlsson
Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Draws on his expertise in technology, strategy, and operations to help telecommunications, technology, and media companies improve...
David Keeling
Senior Partner, Chicago
Advises global leaders in the biopharmaceutical and medical products industries as they seek to enhance overall supply chain performance
Rehana Khanam
Partner, London
Drives large-scale performance-improvement programs as a leader of our operations work for consumer clients
Ashish Kothari
Partner, Denver
Advises executives in the consumer sector on a range of strategic and operational issues, including growth, innovation, design...
Bill Lacivita
Partner, Atlanta
Leads comprehensive transformation efforts across the globe—with a focus on high-hazard operations—and coleads McKinsey’s global...
Elixabete Larrea Tamayo
Partner, Boston
Brings a depth of experience in serving property-and-casualty insurers, specializing in designing next-generation operating models
Olivier Legrand
Senior Partner, Singapore
Leads McKinsey’s Capital Productivity & Infrastructure Practice in Asia, and coleads our Operations Practice, with deep expertise...
Cameron Leitch
Partner, Melbourne
Cofounder of the RTS practice in Australia; passionate about driving large-scale transformation across a range of industries and...
Guangyu Li
Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Uses his experience in infrastructure real estate and the public and private sectors, particularly regional economic development,...
Martin Lösch
Senior Partner, Stuttgart
Helps leading pharmaceutical companies define strategy and goals and improve performance by transforming processes
Dominik Luczak
Partner, Tokyo
Supports automotive OEMs and suppliers on procurement, product development, product and portfolio strategy, and holistic performance...
Harrison Lung
Partner, New Jersey
Helps mobile operators across Asia and North America on operations and technology issues—such as digital, IT, and networks—with...
Yogesh Malik
Senior Partner, Washington DC
Advises leaders in the industrial and automotive sectors on operations strategy globally, with a focus on using data and digital...
Matteo Mancini
Partner, Singapore
Advises manufacturing and technology companies on a broad range of productivity improvement and cost-optimization programs
Chiara Marcati
Partner, Dubai
Leads large-scale transformations of companies in the Middle East, specializing in operations, cost optimization, sales and channel...
Ignacio Marcos
Partner, Madrid
Focuses on client service in consumer and medical-technology companies, with an emphasis on end-to-end transformations
Varun Marya
Senior Partner, San Francisco
Helps private equity portfolio businesses and aerospace and other industrial companies enhance value by transforming their organizations...
Robert Hiroshi Mathis
Senior Partner, Tokyo
Brings global industry expertise to support automotive and assembly companies in achieving aspirational performance goals and...
Inga Maurer
Partner, Chicago
Member of our Automotive & Assembly, Operations, and Private Equity Practices; advises clients on an array of issues, including...
Carey Mignerey
Partner, Singapore
Leads efforts across industries to manage costs and optimize organizational design and performance by applying leading-edge, zero-based...
Marco Moder
Partner, Seoul
Advises leaders in chemicals, energy, basic materials, and other industrial sectors as they set effective growth strategies, boost...
Nicolai Müller
Senior Partner, Cologne
Brings extensive automotive industry expertise—helping clients with transformation programs, strategy and organizational initiatives,...
Neelesh Mundra
Partner, Mumbai
Leads the firm’s logistics work in India and coleads the manufacturing and supply-chain work in Asia
Kenji Nabeshima
Partner, Tokyo
Supports clients in the advanced-industries and healthcare sectors through the corporate-transformation process, leads McKinsey’s...
Wiktor Namysł
Senior partner, Warsaw
Brings extensive operational expertise to clients in Central and Eastern Europe in retail, banking, heavy industry, manufacturing,...
Kevin Neher
Senior Partner, Denver
As managing partner of our Denver office, helps executives and government leaders transform customer experience while reducing...
Hiroshi Odawara
Partner, Tokyo
Works closely with clients to realize corporate-wide transformation; brings deep expertise on a wide range of topics from growth...
Asutosh Padhi
Senior Partner, Global Practice Co-Convener, Chicago
Coleads our work in Advanced Industries on a global basis, leads our Advanced Industries in Americas, and heads up our work in...
Robert Palter
Senior Partner, Toronto
Specializes in helping clients identify infrastructure investment opportunities and strategically manage infrastructure assets.
Alpesh Patel
Director of Digital Capability Center, Singapore
Drives the development of cutting-edge knowledge through centers of innovation for topics such as productivity, energy efficiency...
Parag Patel
Partner, Chicago
Serves pharmaceutical and medical-device companies and has experience across a broad range of topics such as operations, strategy,...
Greg Peacocke
Partner, Jakarta
Helps rapidly deliver large-scale operations turnarounds in both consumer and heavy industry across South East Asia and Australia...
Philipp Radtke
Senior Partner, Munich
Advises automotive manufacturers and suppliers, construction equipment makers, and other industrial producers as they improve...
André Rocha
Partner, Tokyo
Serves global companies across a wide range of industries—such as advanced electronics, high tech, medical devices, automotive,...
Martin Rosendahl
Partner, London
Helps organizations capture the full potential of transformation, with a focus on process improvement, offshoring and outsourcing,...
Filippo Rossi
Senior Partner, Paris
Brings deep knowledge of infrastructure and production operations in the electric power and natural gas industries
Kevin Sachs
Senior Partner, Denver
Drives strategic and operational performance transformations to help advanced industrial and high-tech companies find cost savings...
Yasuaki Sakurai
Partner, Tokyo
Advises consumer-goods and service companies and retailers on global strategy development, go-to-market strategy, and digital-enabled...
Alejandro Sandoval
Partner, Buenos Aires
Leads operations transformation work in Latin America, with extensive experience in the service and industrial sectors
Aurobind Satpathy
Senior Partner, Chicago
Works on strategy, growth, operations, performance transformation, and turnarounds for clients in the industrial and private-equity...
Christoph Schmitz
Senior Partner, Frankfurt
Helps chemical- and automotive-industry companies transform operations, design better operating and organizational models, develop...
Joydeep Sengupta
Senior Partner, Singapore
Leads the Asia–Pacific Banking Practice and works side by side with banking and insurance clients to transform their businesses
Suvojoy Sengupta
Partner, Gurugram
Leads the firm's renewables work within the Electric Power & Natural Gas Practice in India and advises clients on operational...
Jeff Shulman
Senior Partner, Dallas
Expert on operational and organizational transformations for leading public- and private-sector organizations
Virginia Simmons
Senior Partner, Chicago
Managing partner of McKinsey's US Midwest offices; brings deep experience in supporting retailers, banks, and other customer-facing...
Bruce Simpson
Senior Partner, Toronto
Advises aerospace, basic materials, and healthcare clients on operations, performance transformation, cultural change, and continuous...
Alex Singla
Senior Partner, Chicago
Advises financial institutions and other companies on strategy, operations, and enterprise transformation to achieve step-change...
Seungheon Song
Senior Partner, Seoul
Advises leading companies in the automotive, engineering, and construction sectors, guiding successful turnarounds and performance-transformation...
Ken Somers
Partner, Antwerp
Brings a wealth of operational expertise to help clients from manufacturing industries increase their yields and energy efficiency
Rohit Sood
Senior Partner, Toronto
Brings digital-operations and lean-management expertise to help clients in the banking, insurance, retail, and healthcare sectors...
Kevin J. Speicher
Senior Partner, Chicago
Works with clients on operations, performance transformation, strategy, business building, and organizational issues
Bob Sternfels
Senior Partner, San Francisco
Helping clients transform through technology, innovation, and agility
Gernot Strube
Senior Partner, Munich
Leads the Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice in Europe and coleads the Operations Practice, advising clients in the infrastructure,...
Takehito Sumikawa
Partner, Tokyo
Leads strategic, operational, and organizational transformations for Japanese, Asian, and global companies and institutions in...
Zachary Surak
Partner, New Jersey
Counsels executives in the financial services sector and beyond, with deep experience in operational transformation programs anchored...
Yoshi Takanuki
Senior Partner, London
Helps manufacturing companies shape their strategy and transform their operating model, applying operations expertise to unleash...
Khoon Tee Tan
Senior Partner, Jakarta
Leads McKinsey’s refining and petrochemicals work in Asia, and McKinsey Implementation in Southeast Asia; supports downstream...
Joseph Tesvic
Senior Partner, Sydney
Leads McKinsey’s Asia-Pacific Operations Practice, working across industries and helping clients achieve results through operational,...
Eion Turnbull
Senior Expert, Sydney
Brings insight and experience from a variety of industries and cultural settings to help clients identify key drivers of value,...
Sai Tunuguntla
Partner, Singapore
Expert on telco operations; Extensive experience leading complex network and IT transformations
Takuto Ueha
Partner, Southern California
Brings distinctive expertise in product development and excellence in procurement to support and serve clients across various...
Jasper van Ouwerkerk
Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Shapes large-scale capability transformation programs, including digitization. Leads McKinsey's work in service operations
Mieke Van Oostende
Senior Partner, Antwerp
Serves clients in the financial-services sector, particularly on strategy, organization, and risk management, with a global reputation...
Florian Weig
Senior Partner, Munich
Uses his expertise in operational improvement and product development to advise industrial clients—from semiconductor manufacturers...
Rafael Westinner
Partner, Madrid
Leads end-to-end operational transformations for industrial clients, working along the operational value chain to boost productivity...
David Wilkes
Partner, Toronto
Advises leading insurance companies and financial services clients on digital and operations transformations that target customer...
Bill Wiseman
Senior Partner, Seattle
Client service innovator that brings new management science to technology and industrial clients
Jan Wüllenweber
Senior Partner, Cologne
Advises consumer and advanced industry clients on operations-related challenges, including IoT, procurement transformations, cost...