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Strategy & Corporate Finance

Building enduring value through bold strategies

Our approach


The McKinsey Difference in Strategy & Corporate Finance

An overview of how McKinsey helps clients to overcome inertia and unlock big strategic moves.

Empirical evidence

Creative data mining enables us to produce privileged insights and finely calibrate strategies that we know work; these are not simply theoretical claims backed by a few cases but rather statistically valid ones based on large-sample learnings from nearly 100 years of experience.

Bigger, bolder bets

Uncertain times demand bold responses, yet many large corporations tend toward timidity and inertia. To be successful, companies must make bold moves to unlock new sources of growth. Making the right moves involves using granular analysis to choose the right submarkets, and upending the traditional approach to planning by reallocating resources—people, money, and management—to new areas.

People—the social side of strategy

Great strategy moves beyond analysis into an immersive journey where teams grapple with the issues, integrate a range of perspectives, and explode their own myths. This process can be challenging, but it creates the deep conviction people need if they are to commit to a bold new direction.

The art of strategy

Examining how strategies are created, implemented, and executed is a relatively recent practice. In this video interview, McKinsey's Chris Bradley and Angus Dawson explain how strategic thought has evolved and where it is headed.

Impact stories

Changing focus amid digital disruption

How a digital transformation and entry into new business areas helped a high-tech firm thrive in the digital world.

Charting a growth path for a newly public company

How we helped a financial-services firm boost profitability and establish a digital and M&A strategy.

Featured capabilities

McKinsey Regulatory Center

We support you at all stages of the M&A transaction, including stakeholder management and postmerger integration.

Strategy Analytics Center

We help clients make better strategic decisions through a deeper understanding of corporate performance, value creation, macroeconomic forces, and global and local trends.

McKinsey Academy

We help professionals develop the skills they require to address today's business challenges. Our 8-week digital course on business strategy builds strategic thinking capabilities across the entire organizations.

Corporate Performance Analytics

Provides fast, sophisticated financial insights through automated benchmarking reports

Featured insight


McKinsey on Finance, Number 71

– Perspectives on Corporate Finance and Strategy

Our people

Martin Hirt

Senior Partner, Greater China
Leads the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice globally and is one of the firm's most experienced client counselors on issues of strategy, growth,...

Robert Uhlaner

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Helps clients in major organizations with large-scale corporate-finance and M&A transformational efforts

Ruth De Backer

Partner, New York
Advises executives on challenges at the intersection of healthcare and finance; helps pharmaceutical and medical-product companies balance their...

Dorothee Herring

Partner, Düsseldorf
Advises automotive and machinery companies as they set strategies for growth and pursue performance improvement

Chris Bradley

Senior Partner, Sydney
Leads the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice in Asia and works on strategic transformations for organisations across Australia’s media, retail,...

Erik Roth

Senior Partner, Stamford
A leading thinker and adviser on innovation-led growth, R&D, and marketing strategy

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