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Insights on Consumer Packaged Goods


McKinsey 2020 Global Consumer Sentiment Survey: A tale of two segments

– The findings of our latest consumer survey suggest that although life is good for many, the middle class may be struggling.

Reviving the center aisle: An interview with Kellogg’s chief growth officer

– From Monica McGurk’s perspective, innovation is alive and well in packaged food—and Kellogg’s best days are... still ahead.

Defending Southeast Asian consumer-company value in a digital age

– Consumer expectations and new technologies are rapidly changing revenues and profits in the consumer-packaged-goods market. Incumbent... companies can prepare by adjusting their business models.

The drive toward sustainability in packaging—beyond the quick wins

– Can system-level approaches, including collaboration along the value chain, make our approach to packaging more sustainable?

US consumers in 2019 are ready to spend—but wisely

– New research from our US Sentiment Survey shows that consumer confidence is near an all-time high. Consumers don’t plan to cut... back on spending—but they look to spend wisely.


Consumer 2030: Western Europe

The consumer packaged goods industry is changing rapidly. While emerging markets receive a lot of attention, mature markets like Western Europe also face significant changes. Watch this video to learn more, and read our accompanying article, “Western Europe’s consumer-goods industry in 2030.”

Featured publications


Operations as a competitive advantage in a disruptive environment

This collection weaves together the latest developments within the consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) operations sector, with a honed focus on operational excellence best practices.

Perspectives on retail and consumer goods, Number 7

– The seventh edition offers some of our latest thinking on the trends and disruptions reshaping the consumer sector.

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The Next Normal – The future of food: Meatless?

Plant-based “meat” is all the rage. But is it a lasting trend or just a fad? Industry experts weigh in on the future... of meat and protein consumption.

The end of IT in retail?

– Retailers who want to stay ahead of the pack and drive business results through technology innovation are rethinking the setup... of their IT departments.

Same-day delivery: Ready for takeoff

– Now that customers expect faster delivery times, incumbent omnichannel retailers should leverage their store networks and change... gears in areas such as fulfillment processes and IT systems.

Is the consumer-goods industry ready for the new world of work?

– The skills that made consumer-goods companies successful in the past won’t be good enough for the future. Companies need... to start preparing for skill shifts now.

Supply chain of the future: Key principles in building an omnichannel distribution network

– As omnichannel shopping is becoming the new norm, consumer and retail companies must be ready to deliver fast, impeccable omnichannel... service. Doing so requires a new supply chain network approach.

The State of Fashion 2020: Navigating uncertainty

– The industry is not looking forward to 2020—suggesting strategic clarity will be important.

‘It’s our job to evolve with consumers’: Tyson Foods on alternative protein

– Justin Whitmore is the head of alternative protein for one of the world’s largest meat companies. In this interview, he shares... his views on the future of food.

How analytics can drive growth in consumer-packaged-goods trade promotions

– Consumer-packaged-goods companies seeking better results from trade promotions need a five-step strategy to upgrade their analytics.

The next wave of consumer M&A: Executing for value

– New research on recent mergers shows that leading companies follow disciplined playbooks to extract maximum value.

The next wave of consumer M&A: Searching for growth

– M&A has become more difficult of late. Consumer-goods companies need to rediscover why acquisitions succeed.

Revenue growth management: The next horizon

– Consumer-goods companies have learned to capture significant value from revenue growth management. But the market is challenging... them to improve their game again. Here’s a road map for success.
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